Schwinn katana road bike

One of the great bikes that have come out of the Schwinn bike factory lately must be the Schwinn Katana road bike. The Schiwnn bike company is a very old company with a long business heritage. The Company was established by Ignaz Schwinn in partnership with Adolph Arnold in 1895. It very soon became known and was recognized for the high quality, innovative and technically good quality bikes.

In the early 1900’s bicycling became very popular and it is estimated that the entire bicycle industry in America produced a few thousands bikes per day, reaching more than a million bicycles per year. Unfortunately for the bicycle industry the car and motorcycle became the trendsetters and the item that every person and family wanted to own. In 1905 the bicycle market was more than 25% less compared to five years before. It was then that many lesser developed bicycle manufacturers could not make ends meet. Luckily this was not the case for the Schwinn Company. As a matter of fact the Schwinn Company acquired many of these financially devastated companies resulting even into the establishment of a mass production side in Chicago. Schiwnn Company also became more than just a bicycle company. It also added a motorcycle division which grew to be the third best selling Motorcycle Company in 1928.

Schwinn katana road bike indoor

Nowadays, Schwinn is mostly known as a high quality bicycle brand in the United States of America and far beyond. This company has helped to change the way people ride bicycles. Bicycles of Schwinn are used functionally to take one person from A to Z but are also widely used in the more recreational environment where people enjoy riding bikes in all types of conditions and under very many different circumstances.

One of Schwinn’s quality functional bikes that will be a pleasure to ride on your morning and evening commute to work is the Schwinn Katana Road bike. This bike has received all the latest technology include a 14-speed Shimano drive train, which will allow you to swift gears rapidly and smoothly. It is a very light weight bicycle due to its alloy frame and wheels. This is great if you combine cycling and metro or bus rides on your daily commutes as you can easily pick up your bike and place it in the designated compartments of the metro or bus.

The Schwinn Katana Road bike is also good for those people that are just starting to take biking more seriously. It is a fun bike that will provide you all the great features while providing a pleasant and comfortable ride. The features are easy to control and their functions are not complicated but very easy to use. The Schwinn Katana road bike has two different frame sizes. The 54 cm frame is ideal for people with a height of about 5’6” to 5’9”. The 58 cm frame will be better suited for people with a length of 5’10” to 6’1”.

I never used to be a very fervent bicycle rider, but now my daughter has reached the age that biking is fun and she actually able to cycle by herself, without assistance wheels, we decided that may be I should also start to cycle a bit more frequently. However, as my bike must have been at least 20 years old, the agreement was that I would cycle more on the condition I was getting a new bike. My husband is quite a keen biker and has a top of the range Schwinn bicycle so we automatically went and purchased another Schwinn bike for myself. I decided to opt for the Schwinn Katana Road bike, with 58 cm frame. I am 5’9” tall but when testing the different frames I felt more comfortable on the 58cm frame bike compared to the smaller one. I have to say the Schwinn Katana road bike is a pleasure to ride and also very pleasant on the eye. I am particularly fond on the different gear levels and I have tried out all ready many different settings. It is very easy and smooth to change gears and you hardly notice it while cycling. Unless when you, like me think you can go without noticing from a very high gear into a low gear….that was a bit tougher than I had expected to say the least.

All in all, the Schwinn Kantana Road bike, really changed our family lives when it comes to movement. We are no much more frequently out on our bikes and try to cycle more often to friends and family, or even to the grocery store or local bakery. Also my daughter will now go to school by bike most days of the week and even my husband and I are trying to cycle to work more frequently. The frequency changes a bit as it depends on our schedule of a particular day, but on general I would say we cycle to our work 25% of the time, which I consider to be quite impressive.

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